Epiphone SG Special Model Reviews 3

I bought this unit in a shop in Dublin, because I was sick of my Squier breaking down every time I tried to use it. I also wanted a lighter guitar, and one which actually responded to a distortion pedal. Job done for 250 Euro....about $175.

It is much lighter than many other guitars I've tried in the past. It responds very well to distortion (Humbucker pickups kicking in), and it's clean tone isn't too bad either. I have been told that adding DiMarzio super distortion pickups to the bridge will make it sound sharper still. It is pretty well finished - at least 10 times better than the Squier.

A previous reviewer had a bad experience with the neck... This guitar is simply not as strong as it's Fender equivalents, although I have seen the more expensive SG400 of friend of mine, been thrown on the ground any number of times and it hasn't broken. Looking back, as a starter guitar it's grand, the action is a little higher than I'd anticipated at first.

Construction; Not bad. Some aspects of the finish I had qualms with; Paint....and that's it. For a $175 dollar guitar it's quite well built, no electrical faults in 7 months of ownership. Overall quality: 3/5

Excellent starter guitar for the money, I'm very fond of mine. Although if I was buying again, I'd save my money for the SG 450 SE...the guitar this one ideally should be. Nice tones, not too heavy on the back, worth the price.

A guitar player rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-01.

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