Epiphone Sheraton II Special Edition Reviews 5

I purchased it at a local music store. I had alreay purchased an Epiphone Les Paul and wanted a semi hollow body guitar. I paid 800 Canadian for it brand new. In Canada it is very difficult to get a Sheraton in Black. This one came with a white pearl pickguard and truss rod cover.

I love the look and feel of this guitar. The black with the pearl inlays and the triple binding and gold hardware are stunning. Everytime I take it out to play I am blown away by the looks. I play through a Blues Junior and as a Hobbyist I am thoroughly pleased with the pickups. I have not seen a Gibson semi hollow body that even comes close to the look of this guitar.

So far I have not found anything I do not like about this guitar.

The contstruction is flawless. It has triple binding and double pearl inlays in the neck. I am not sure if they are plastic or pearl but the are well done. The gold hardware is sparkling and the fit and finish is perfect. The only flaw was that the pickguard was a little loose and I had to tighten the screw hole using the old "toothpick" trick.

I am amazed that this guitar is sold at this price. I went to purchase a Gibson Les Paul and ended up getting an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Flame Top and the Sheraton for the price of the Gibson. I am not a professional musician but I have played both the Gibson Les Paul and the ES335 extensively and I cannot see a large difference. I am thoroughly pleased and would recommend this guitar to anyone.

Stewie rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-13.

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