Ernie Ball 2001 Silhouette Special Reviews 4

music123,790us.this guitar had high user reviews,looked great,was light ,and played easier than any other guitars i had tried,regardless of price.

high quality hardwear,beautiful finish,comfy neck,great array of sounds with the 5 way selector.

bridge saddles were rough and i found my palm would get scratched occasionally.the nut is plastic..havnt replaced it yet,but it wont be with plastic.

excellent construction.solid,bulletproof finish.

its really easy to play,comfortable has a single,single,humbucker config,giving great sounds.the humbucker has great mid range tone,which i personally like.the neck and middle pickups are dimarzio blue velvets,and i like em.i play blues,country and country rock.i also own 2 axis sports.they are all different but all great.with the exception of the rough saddles,the silhouette special is my fav of the 3.

alf rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-13.

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