Ernie Ball Musicman Sillouhette Special Reviews 5

$1000 new from Discount Music in Bountiful, UT. I bought the guitar because it combines immaculate craftsmanship with eloquent sonic characteristics. How's that for over the top?

I love everything about this guitar. Sonically, it is one of the most versatile instruments I've ever played. The only tones I can't get are a high-output humbucker gainy tone, and a mellow but full neck humbucker jazz tone. But for blues, country, rock, and everything else but high gain metal, the guitar covers it. Playability is the best of any electric guitar I've ever played at any price. The neck is by far the most comfortable and easiest to manuever.

I wish the humbucker had more beef and was coil tapped. But I have another guitar for beef humbucker and mellow neck humbucker tones. I might get the Steve Morse because it can do every tone known to man.

The craftsmanship is top-notch. Mine is a piece of artwork. Flawless. Beautiful. Breath taking. convinced yet?

buy one now. you don't even need to try it before you buy it.

Chad Badham rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-07.

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