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Got this sexay thang at GC for 136 bucks (i work there so i got it cheap...its really $200)....why did i get it?....because i previousley owned this crap Ibanez AX120 with a drop-d tuner. its heavy on one side...and oddly enough the side it is heavy on is the neck...not the body...go figure. it was annoying to play, the only thing i remotely liked was the neck...thats it....but back to the OLP...

hmmmmmm...well how KICKS ASS!! for a cheap has a great sound, great small body, beautiful (fake...its a picture) quilt finish, awesomely playable neck...perfect i find for speed metal and hardcore. but it sounds great for many other types of moozic...blues, it. it actually stays in tune...unlike other brands of guitar *cough* *cough* FENDER! *cough* *cough* the stock setup is great...its not too high but not too low of an action. Ernie Ball licensed it so even if it is overseas is pretty good with with most ernie ball instruments.

the thing i dislike about the fact that a few weeks into playing it the output jack came got really fucking annoying so...since i spent hardly any money on it...i Krazy Glued it to the screw and the there is no way in hell it is coming apart...i hope. another thing i dislike is the fact that there is no other control knobs except a volume control...but...i dont REALLY care about that...the pick up switches give it enough of a selection of tone anyways.

couldnt say because i haven't played on the road with it...yet..(im the new guitarist to this kick ass local band...but a big local band..PROTECT THE HEAD, check out the web site at the output jack falls out...oh well...that doesn't mean that the rest of it sucks...does it? ahh...fuck it...i'm gonna wreck each of my guitars onstage anyway..what does it matter? hehehe.

i think i talked all that i could about the OLP guitar...and i think you probably want me to shut my mouth now....well, thanx for reading...and VISIT THE SITE!!

Alex "Jabroni" Zadoroznyj rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-05.

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