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Bought from Mothers Music, Winnipeg MB Canada. Paid $1710.00(CDN incl. tax)

Absolutely great guitar, Excellent playabilty, great neck, awesome tone (dimarzio PAF's),incredilby stable tuners (Schaller) and an all around pleasure to play.If you want a reliable, great sounding/playing axe look no further. Best I've ever owned (destroys gibsons/fenders hands down)

I love everything about this instrument, in fact I'm planning on picking up another!

Great hand-made US guitar, excellent quality and the neck/frets are perfect for my hands

I would recomend this instrument to anyone who is looking for a great instrument at a fair price. I've been playing for 18 years and have owned many different high-end guitars (Gibson/PRS etc.). This beauty beats them all no problem. As a plus, with the H/S/H pickup configuration I can get anything from from searing metal tones to clear articulated cleans. This one is a keeper.

Adam Shayme rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-12.

Custom Order through the Music Stand.

Ernie Ball Music Man Quality is second to none! The Guitar weighs less than 5 lbs. and the sound possibilities are endless. The neck is thinner then most other "strat" style guitars making it very easy to play, especially if you have smaller hands.

It's a bit difficult to match volumes between the bridge humbucker and the custom single coil if you plan on switching within a song but this is easily fixed by switching pick ups (I put in a Duncan JB junior and it matches the stock PAF pro perfectly and maintains a wonderful vintage tone!)

This guitar was set up perfectly when it arrived. The neck is easy to adjust if needed and the beautiful maple neck is flawless.

I was getting tired of Strats and Tele's and never felt comfortable with the wide/flat necks of Ibanez guitars so when I first came accross the Silhouette I was in Heaven. It's light weight (less than 5 lbs!) and has a small scale neck that plays like butter-- It stays in tune and offers a variety of tonal possibilities- The PAF Pro in the Bridge position offers a great vintage tone and can rock out with the best of them--one great feature of these guitars is that you can purchase other pick up plates with differant configurations that are easy to change if in a studio situation. All in all, if your looking to be a bit more of a rebel and you want excellant tone and playability, the Silouette is a total gem and a fairly well kept secret....for now...

Jeff C rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-09.

Ordered directly from the company thru Steve's Music in Montreal, Canada. I paid 1200 Canadian dollars for this instrument.

Incredible playability, great variety of tones, single coils are VERY quiet (active) ,tuning keys are incredible (the guitar never untunes even after heavy whammy bar use and string bending

Stock humbucker ( weak )

22 medium high profile frets, rosewood fretboard, two single coils and a bridge humbucker ( all custom wound Dimarzios ),5 way switch, Wilkinson Tremelo, Grover locking tuners

I got my money's worth . This is an incredible guitar. It's incredibly . for versatile and it plays like butter. It's great for someone who likes to play many different styles of music( all with the same guitar of course). The only thing that i didn't like about the guitar was the humbucker, but that's only because I wanted one that could handle very heavy riffing (dream theater style) and lead playing, so I replaced it.This is not a Strat or a Gibson but it does a great job in reuniting some of their finer qualities. I jam alot of free improv so i wanted an instrument that could offer lot's of tonal options for an affordable price and with this guitar I found just that.

Ron LeBlanc rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-26.

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