Essex EG-161D Flame Top Reviews 2

I got the guitar from the official website ( for around $170 USD

The best feature about the guitar was the finish - definitly top-notch, didn't have a flaw on it. The guitar also sounded pretty decent when plugged in to a good amp.

The action - WAY too high, even adjusted it was much higher than is normal. Almost impossible to play higher up notes. The nut was also cheaply made and cut badly, the E, A, and D string all buzzed horribly. The customer service was fairly bad too. Yes they were nice, but when I asked for a new nut, they sent me one that 1. was used (still had glue on the bottom) and 2. Didn't even fit the guitar.

Construction was decent. I think the guitar was pretty sturdy, but things like the wiring cavity covers were so tight, i actually dented the wood trying to get it out. The neck also creaked everytime i bent it a little too much.

Overall I would have to say that this is a decent beginner guitar for fairly cheap, but you can get better for the price.

Drew B rated this unit 2 on 2003-01-18.

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