Essex SX GG1 JR Reviews 2

I ordered this guitar from Rondo Music. Before ordering more expense guitars I orderd this one as an experiment to test the quality of guitar sent to me. I paid $119.

I like the one piece mahogany body and the finish. The fretwork is ok.

I read about 150 positive reviews on Agile and Essex guitars sold by Rondo. Unfortunately, I was badly surprised with the poor assembly work on this one. The tuners had been been installed irregularly, some angled up and some angled down. I have never seen anything this amateurish. In additon, the front of the guitar was seriously marred by poor assemble work with the neck to body joint. I know you get what you pay for, but I expected much better quality checks at the Rondo shop before shipping the guitar with obvious defects. That was part of my experiment. Now I don't know if I'll order the additional guitars (SX STL-50, Agile AS-901, Agile AL3000 Prestige Slim Neck). I have sent a message to Rondo just to say that I had expected better quality checks at their shop.

Body and finish are good, not great. Tuner assembly is outrageously bad. Neck join work is not much better. Too early to say anything about the pups and electronics.

The guitar sounds OK. But it is not an acceptable product. However, given the low price, it doesn't even make sense to return it and pay the shipping.

Guy rated this unit 2 on 2004-09-11.

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