Esteban D-100 American Legacy Acoustic-Electric Reviews 3

I always loved to play guitar but without take any lesson. I used to "play" some Rock and Jazz I stopped to play for many years(25 years) and suddenly changed my mind, and decided to get a new not expensive guitar

I saw the offer on TV, once I watched the black guitar, I felled in love. I ordered it by internet. I paid 200.00 plus shipping. In the package I found the guitar, a case, "amplifier", strings, picks, guitar lessons material and 5 vide

I love the colour of the guitar, the price and the construction. The sound is very good

The constuction is great, remember this is not a Gibson or a Ibanez guitar. This is a beginner guitar with a very good sound

If they`re able to change and improve the quality of the electronic parts , I`m pretty sure the American Legacy will be a guitar in the top line

endofiallo rated this unit 3 on 2007-12-25.

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