Fender AG-10 SN Reviews 5

My mother bought this acoustic guitar for me 6 years ago at Good News Music in Traverse City, MI. for around $200.00

This is the most playable acoustic guitar I have ever laid hands on. The strings lay close to the fret and the action is tight. Tuning heads are all on the top side for easy access. Not too deep or shallow. I play a lot of drop-D tuned songs and I can absolutely wail on this poor acoustic and stay in tune and play the top half without having to worry about intonation. It has a SRATOCASTER styled neck which looks very sweet.

made in Korea

Maple top 20-fret, Sratocaster-styled neck and head.

This is a lower end guitar that is a proffesional's secret weapon! I play Ovation, Taylor, Washburn, all types-this is by FAR my favorite.

sidebyrnes rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-09.

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