Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Value Pack Reviews 5

My brother bought this guitar as a first guitar back in 1997 or 1998. He was just starting out and it was recommended by the man at the music shop. We use Sheets & Sons Music in Heath, OH. They have a great selection and our very knowledgeable. Anyhow, the gentleman working there suggested we use this guitar pack. It has a solid top and comes with all kinds of great extras (picks, strings, string winder, DVD, electronic tuner, etc.)

I really like this guitar. It has a great sound and it is also very nice-looking. Plus, it is a Fender and not made cheaply. It is put together well. Also, it was recommended by several musicians I know that have been playing for a while. This guitar comes with a lot of extras. Gig bag, Fender's best chromatic tuner, picks, strings, string winder, DVD, etc). It is a solid-top guitar, not the cheaper laminate spruce top, but genuine spruce. So, the sound will only improve with age... and it has. My brother quit playing but he gave it to my Dad who keeps on playing it. My Dad has taken good care of it and it is still in excellent shape. No noticeable defects, still has the same strings, sounds great and looks great! I am wanting to get one for my self but I cannnot afford it at this time due to a family of my own and limited income. However, I'm saving and this will also be my first guitar! You cannot beat the overall value of this great instrument from Fender. A trusted name and great guitar!

If there was anything to dislike about this unit I'd have to be crazy. I guess you could with they offered a black or different color, but I like the natural. There are no complaints with this product. Compare it to any other pack out there (Ibanez, Yamaha, Epiphone, Alvarez, Peavey, Dean Smith, Jay Turser Jr, Harmony, etc) and you will not find an all-around better value. Not only for the price, but the stuff you get with it. It is the best value out there!

The Fender DG-8S ("S" for solid top) is a great guitar. It comes in the natural color with a mock tortoiseshell pick guard. This is a very nice guitar. The solid top means the sound will only improve (get deeper) with age. Other manufacturers offer guitars for under $200.00 but none I've seen can touch this guitar. It has a great finish, is very durable and sounds great. This is a Dreadnaught (DG) guitar body and it sounds great for whatever music you play. This guitar can cover it all from hard rock to gospel and bluegrass!

If you are starting out or need a middle of the road guitar look no further than this guitar! It can do all that you ask and take the abuse. The gig bag fits the guitar nicely and isn't loose. The picks, extra strings and string winder are things you'd need to buy anyhow if you are going to play so this is a nice plus. Then, Fender throws in a great DVD to teach you how to do the basics (tuning, handling and care, parts of the guitar, etc.) I'd challenge anyone to find a better guitar for less than $200 that can last like this one will! It can't be done. Great guitar from a great name! Great value! Buy yours today!

R. Wolfe - Heath, OH rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-18.

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