Fender DG22CE CS Reviews 4

I was looking for an upgrade from my old guitar, a $200 Hohner and I had played with my friend's Fender for awhile so I was keeping an eye out for this guitar every time I went to shops. I finally bought it two years ago for about $389 from Guitar Center, San Jose. It's solid cherry red and it has gold colored pegs.

The reason why I like this guitar is because it has pretty good action on the fingerboard which makes it a little easier to play, and also because it has a good resonating sound. Although it's not the cream of the crop per se, I would vouch that it's really not too shabby for a decent price. Some people tell me that my guitar sounds a little country-like at times, but I think that sound has more to do with how I contact the strings with my pick. Another cool aspect of this guitar is that it is an electric acoustic, which is pretty cool if you have an amp and a cable. One more thing you'll want to know also is that if you want to wear a strap with it, you'll have to attach it to the end of the neck near the headstock, as opposed to the body of the guitar.

There isn't really anything I really don't like about this guitar. Of course, if someone were to offer me a higher end guitar for this one I would either be pretty skeptical about their motives (like are they ripping me off) or pretty glad. For instance, some of the Gibsons and Taylors might be an awesome trade. I don't know why someone would trade though.

Like I said before, the action is kinda high compared to some other guitar specifically on nearer to the body of the guitar, but that is expected since this guitar costs a little less. The quality of the finish is good and still shines after two years. The guitar is also a cutaway acoustic electric, which means that near the end of the fingerboard you can reach up a little farther down. The wood is solid and resonates pretty well.

This guitar is a good deal for its price, but it does have some things it could improve on. Generally, you expect different things from a $400 guitar and a $1000 guitar. I think this guitar has good qualities and I've been happy with this one for awhile.

Scott rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-25.

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