Fender DG8 Acoustic Guitar Reviews 4

well, it has a very natural sound due to the solid top. i played a lower priced fender and it didnt compare. its a decent size and is very playable but doesnt weigh much. sweet

nothing except the fact that if it could go elctro, it would be sweet for on stage. but you get what you pay for. plus you can put a pickup in there for cheap anyways.

its decent quality wood, good bridge n tuners so it is a very solid chunk of wood. the body is made from rosewood so it sounds all woddy and natural.

this guitar is sweet for beginner to intermediate guitarists. if you want a decent acoustic that wont cost you your leg, get this. mine is sweet and gets plenty of use in the monkey room (just for rob D)

captain espresso rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-29.

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