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Bought at Long and Mcquade Payed $800 (CDN) I bought the GA43 because I was looking for a solid top, electric/acoustic cutaway guitar. This one instantly caught my eye.

The Fender GA43 is beautiful to look at, and has incedibly high quality parts to it. The sound is amazing, I was suprised this guitar could sound almost as good as the $2200 La'rivee I tried! It is very comfortable to play, The neck position is just right. The Fishman electronics sound good plugged in as well, with controls for Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, balance, and body on the side of the guitar. The Guitar has a beautiful mahogany body and neck, with a maple top, and chrome tuning pegs. Everywhere you look, there are small engravings that makes this guitar look elegant and exquisite. The Cutaway does a good job of allowing successful solos on it's 20 frets. Overall, this guitar is wonderful to hear and to play.

Unplugged, the guitar sounds excellent. However, when it is plugged in, The microphone is placed in a way that the guitar has that, "country twang" to it. For some classical songs where you don't want this feel, it is quite hard to eliminate it.

The construction and quality of the GA43 is wonderful. Mahogany body, Maple top, Great Fishman electronics, the whole works. The tuning pegs are a nice silverish chrome, which gives a nicer look than the GA45's gold pegs (in my opinion). The guitar rarely goes out of tune, and if a string snaps, it is very easy to replace. It is an amazing guitar

For anyone looking for a high quality electric/acoustic cutaway for under 900, look NO further. This is your guitar right here.

Eric W rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-23.

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