Fender Gemini 4 Reviews 5

I traded two double barrel 12 gauges for this guitar. I estimate $400.00 in deal. I was searching for a reliable guitar to learn on, one that I did not have to turn every five minutes.

After amy times of it falling over, the grandchild plucking it and fooling with the winding keys, it did not scratch or get out of tune. The weight was perfect as was the neck size.

It is white and the strings (1st and 3rd) seem hard to see as I hold it and look down.

It is white, in (was) in beautiful shape, had a great sound. Well constructed and the neck was a good fit in my hand, as was the frets. The tuning keys were well made and had no play in them.With a set of country and western light strings it had a great sound to learn by. Everytime I took it out at the music store, everyone wanted to see it. I guess white was a rare color for the unit.

I really like the guitar. Unfortunately I backed over it and broke the neck off and am looking for a repair place or buying another. I can't seem to find any infromation on any of it.

William Cox rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-17.

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