Fender Squier Beginner Reviews 5

I paid 112.00 dollars for this guitar at a Sam Goody's store. We usually by everything from Musician's Friend, but we were out and I wanted to learn to play.

I am left handed so my husband modified it for me. It's great. Easy action, fantastic tone and it's a beautiful beginner's guitar.

It was sold with a "gig bag" which as really nothing more than a dust cover. The book is kind of complex for a beginner. There are others I like better.

It was a beautiful spruce top and it is formed so that the neck is easy to reach around and the strings lay close to the neck so your fingers find chords easier and it doesn't take long to build up callouses.

I was able to practice literally for hours because this is so easy to play. We bought one for our daughter and her teacher loved it! For the price - you can't get a better beginner guitar in our book.

Susan Campton rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-10.

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