Fender Hot-Rodded Deluxe American Precision Bass Reviews 5

Got it out of musicians freind about a month before they dropped the price so it was about $1100 but i don't regret a cent i just wish i had have waited 4 weeks.

Playes beutifully unlike the other 2 reviewers i bought mine in olympic white which has a creamy white colour. the hot p and j pickups give it a full warm tone which you rarly get now a days effects seem to sound better. light as hell don't let that other guy fool you he was playing a pos dean this is a fender and not a bit heavy if you play a good instrument. it has top load and string through options like most american made fenders the closed tuners add mass to the head stock giveing good sustain and with a string through body create a wonderful sound. the swamp ash body resonates everysound truly the best of the best. comes with harshell case and strap locks.


Fender. Do i need to say more?

Buy it is you can if you cant at least play it get to know its tone if you find anything else that sounds like it buy it If i were to make a custom bass it would sound liek this one.

Philip Wind rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-31.

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