Fender MIM P-Bass Deluxe Vs. USA P-Bass Reviews 3

I was looking at one of the MIM pbass deluce at Twelfth Fret in Toronto and I was really impressed with this bass. I thought to mysel this would be a great second bass and perhaps surpass my US built Pbass. I bought this at used music store downtown T.O. for under 5 bill over 5 bills after taxes (%^&$#).

Very good dispite me slagging it an excellent second. Everything looks good except the goofy aluminum pick guard . the playability fair.

Peoples you have to understand I have a Both US and a MIM let me tell you If you I love Fender (which I do) save your penny and dimes for the US Version (not the Highway 1) Sorry for any gramatical errors I am going home now. Oh yeah check out my review for the 2003 w S1 switch if you want to learn more about My US Pbass cheers

Boone rated this unit 3 on 2004-05-03.

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