Fender 50's Reissue Mexican Strat Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from new in a local guitar shop and paid 450 for it. I bought it because I went in the shop to get out of the rain and liked the look of it, so decided to play it and was hooked!

I liked the funky daphne blue colour (although pretty much all my friends said it was "girly"), and the aged looking maple neck and fretboard were superb both to play and to look at. I liked the fact that the build quality was every bit as good as most of the american standard strats I've played and that the price was a couple of hundred less just because it was constructed in mexico. Sonically it beat an american standard hands down- the 50's style alnico pick ups that are fitted are excellent and almost hum free (which I find is a big drawback with single coils in the main).

I didn't like the fact that it didn't come with a hard case- I think that any guitar over the 450 mark should have a hard case. That said however, the gig bag supplied was good quality. The only other drawbacks were potentially the colour choices:it only comes in seafoam green or daphne blue;great if you don't mind looking like one of the ventures but maybe not so good for a hard rock band and the fact that as it's a reissue of a 50's model it didn't quite cut it with certain styles of music. I was in a 3 piece punk band at the time and couldn't gig with the guitar because the sound was a little weedy in that setting.

As I said, the build quality is ridiculously good for the price and the construction is excellent-it feels sturdy yet has a great worn in feel (doubtless due to the fact that it's trying to fool us into thinking it's 50 years old). The neck I could elegize about, it was that good it almost played its self. Even the guys who hated the colour and wouldn't have been seen dead playing it live admitted that it was one of the best guitars they'd ever played. It held it's tune beautifully, even after being stored in a gig bag and there wasn't any rough edges to the frets or any dead spots. It was also set up brilliantly straight from Fender which helps!

A friend of mine offered to swap his american standard thinline tele for my mexican strat because mine was so much better. I've gotten rid of the guitar now and deeply regret it- I wanted something a bit more rock! If you're after a guitar for pleasure and play a lot of different styles then I would seriously recommend checking these out-you'll be hard pressed to find a better sounding guitar for the price.

Matt Stasiak rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-15.

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