Fender 70's Reissue Stratocaster Reviews 4

I bought this Strat from a guy off Ebay in September '03.This is a 2002 reissue of the early/mid 70's model.I paid $470 for it,Fender gig bag included.It was brand new,with all the stickers still on,as well as the clear plastic pickguard cover.Ever since I saw Ritchie Blackmore play one just like it in '74 I wanted one.(I'm not THAT old am I?)

The first thing that caught my attention other than it being a Stratocaster was the retro 70's look of it.Large headstock and Fender logo,maple neck,Natural wood grain finish with white pickguard and knobs - just like Ritchie's!

There is really nothing that I dont like about this guitar... I only wish it was an American made model as opposed to a Mexican made instrument.. Then again I can't afford $1200 for one either!

The quality of this guitar is very good in every way. Again,if it didnt say made in Mexico on the back of the headstock no one would know it wasnt a U.S. standard version (I couldnt tell!). Of course,the American models are the first choice amongst Fender players Worldwide and the Mexican would be the obvious second option, the quality being finer than the Japanese/Asian makes (this is not a squier). The neck is very straight,with the "Bullet" truss rod and the gloss finish on the maple fret surface makes it very easy to play.The natural wood grain on the body is highlighted by a honey-like clear coat that really shines under lights.The hardware is all Fender 70's looking,but i'm not sure if it's NOS,most likely not. All the controls work great,with no hum,hiss or static when operated.The classic "Syncronized Tremelo" system does just what it should do.Nice 5 position selector switch.Very nice Strat

If anyone wants to own a quality Strat but cant afford the price tag on the American made models,the Mexican version is the way to go. Good quality,great feel,great sound,worth the Dollars. Recommended for all ability levels > beginner to pro. I have to rate it a "4", the U.S. model can only truly rate a "5"

Craig Durham rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-04.

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