Fender Fat 50's Stratocaster Pickup / Batwing Headstock Plywood Body Strat Reviews 5

EPIPHONE BATWING STRAT /FENDER FAT 50's PUPS Having read of Abigail Ybarra with the Fender Custom Shop, I was determined to try a set of her Fat 50's Strat pickups. I am an adamant fan of anything 'LEO' created. I have a real tinker toy view of the strat as it lends itself to great experimentation. I am an old school style blues player. A strat makes wonderful sounds besides Hendrix and Stevie. My heroes of guitar are , MUDDY, BUDDY, Robert Johnson, Son House ,leadbelly, T-Bone, Hubert Sumlin, Guitar Slim, Johnny Guitar Watson, Otis Rush ,Jr Watson, ZuZu Bolin Anson Funderburgh, Mike Morgan, Jim Suhler, Lightnin Hopkins...... well you get my drift. btw,Did I mention I am listening to Jr Watson live at the BLUE Cafe? Any body can buy a Fender Strat over the counter and get a great guitar, but in my tonequest, I decided to purchase the Epiphone Batwing( bent) head stock Strat from a local music Store for $80.00 (that's right, eighty bucks). It is a Squier level instrument as factory configured. I promptly purchased the Fat 50's for an additional $90.00. I chose to use A 500k volume pot/ 250k tone pots as replacements. Wiring was modified to match the Jimmie Vaughn Signature. I like tone control over the bridge pickup. Middle pup is just wide open to tone and great for cutting thru mix during solo.#2&#4 on the 5-way switch are fabulous for all those cool piano riffs/chords I like to use for rythym playing. To me , cool rythym is a skill that must be really worked at to spice up the ensemble.(Btw my band is called the JUKEKINGS. 2 guitars , bass, drums. If we are lucky, a sitin Harp guy/ girl. But,I digress. The 500k volume pot gives a broader range of 'in your face tone' when mated with the 250k tones. I use several vintage amps depending on my whim when its time to load in. When I finished the EpiFat50'sStratBatwing, I was so very pleased with the outcome. $192.25 total cash outta pocket including the pots. I used a set of G&L vintage tuners i had in the parts bin. to make a long story shorter, My buds are all clamoring for Fender CSFAT50's for their strats. I 'm sticking with the Batwing as it has the bent head stock and consequently different string pull.

Quality of the CSFAT FIFTY Pups is Phenomenal. Abbie was hired by Leo in 1956 to wind pickups. She may be the closest link to anything leo that is living. I regard her work as EXPERT EXCELLENT above reproach. Epicheapie strat is just a waycool vehicle for Abbi's Craftwomanship. She's the Shizzle!

I can find no fault with any of the aforementioned products. Maybe they could have made it wher the strat held four pickups instead of three with separate controls for phase and blend :) no, it's never enuf

Quality is superb on the pickups. TONE is best i've heard out of a bastardcaster.

I own REAL vintage and enjoy it immensely. i grab the EPIFAT50bastardcaster for 90% of our gigs. Gotta love it

Michael Huggins/ aka Jimmy Rogers Ghost rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-26.

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