Fender Jaguar '62 Reissue Reviews 5

i paid 550 for this beautiful guitar in sunburst, from sound control in sheffield, England.i bought this guitar because i think Fenders have the best playability and i wanted a versitile guitar. i played mex and american strat alwell, but unfortunatly i didn't have enough money for an a series. so i played the jaguar and just thought that it felt amazing and that there were so many sounds that you could get out of it.

First of all, it looks beautiful! The range of sounds is better than any other guitar on the market. you can get anything from a really punchy/twangy sound to one of the smoothest sounds i've ever heard from a guitar. By flicking one of the switches at the bottom you can get a really nice, almost 'chorusy' sound which sounds great. This guitar is possibly one of the nicest guitars to actually play aswell, as the the neck is perfectly shaped and the action is perefct for picking.

some people say it's heavy, but its not too bad, and it certainly shouldn't put you off this guitar, i've played it for a couple of hours stood up and it's been great. The only thing that i've found that isn't great is the bridge. Although it is position perfectly and positions the strings well, the bass string can move out of position if you catch it wen strumming hard. Also one of my screws started coming undone, but if you put some thread lock on it, it wont cause any problems.

very well built. sound construction and everything is positioned perfectly!

Unless you want to play really heavy rock, then this guitar is perfect for any style you want to play from funk,or blues, to grunge. This is the nicest guitar i have ever played, go out and buy one right now!

Tom Ward rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-09.

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