Fender Japanese Jazzmaster Reviews 5

Pretty much everything is good. The pickups give out a great clean tone and distorted tone. I mostly play RATM and the like but don't really like the nu-metal guitars like Ibanez. To my surprise it's very versatile and great for any genre.

Although the bridge-pickup gives out a great noise, the neck-pickup leaves something to be desired in my opinion. Also the bridge is pretty crappy, because when I strike the bottom E too hard sometimes it will come out of it's saddle and go out of tune. It might just be my guitar but I'm sorting this out soon by getting a mustang bridge or something.

It's Fender so it's pretty solid but a bit heavy as well. It's japanese and is about half as good as an american model. It does looks the nuts as it has a varnish coating and the light shines off superbly.

charlie wyatt rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-17.

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