Fender Korona Stratocaster Reviews 4

It is manufactured using all the same materials as a standard Strat and sits in the hand so well. I'd tried other strats in the past but always went back to my Les Paul. This one just jumped out at me and I can't stop playing it.

I may get some more versatile pick ups fitted in time but for now, that classic strat sound is just fine.

As noted earlier, creamy white finish, white scratch plate and oick ups, maple fretboard (no lacquer thankfully, I'm told it is all the standard strat wood construction (I can't remember what that is though-Ash-maple?). Everything you would expect in quality coming from a USA built unit - Didn't Leo get it so right!

Wow....where to start. If you've got the money for a Lone-Star strat then congratulations. For those on a smaller budget this is just the thing to get you playing more and better.

Mike Withers rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-26.

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