Fender Mexican 60's Reissue Strat Reviews 4

I bought this guitar from Billy Hydes in Melbourne Australia. It cost me $1150 cash - reduced from its RRP of $1900(Au). Its in the color Shell Pink which is why it was reduced. In my opinion its a great color and I beleive this is the only standard model you can get in this color.

For a mexican bulit guitar it is great. I wanted a US fender but they cost a little too much for my budget so I decided on this. I like the 60's feel to the guitar- especially the Strat body. They are great to play sitting or standing. It had an average action and strings when i got it so the fisrt thing i did was a full setup with new strings. It now sounds great and has the classic strat tone that I really like. All 3 pickups are good but they had sunk into the body a little at the time of purchase. The neck is really good to play and is easy to slide up and down. The tuning is great, I only have to tune slightly when i play as it stays in tune well

Theere are only 21 frets which limits soloing. All the chrome hardware is starting to rust now as i have had the guitar for almost two years. This isnt a major problem as looks arent really that important. My main dislike (and its a big dislike) is the single coils. They have a great clean sound but switch on the overdrive and you have way too much feedback. Its a real pain as if you put the gain on much more than halfway it becomes really annoying. If you want to play heavier music avoid this or get the bridge pickup changed to a humbucker.

Construction is near flawless. For a mexican fender i am very pleased with the build quality. The only thing is that the plate on the back of the neck has no engraving. No biggie. Chrome hardware isnt great as rust is starting to appear. This is unaviodable on any guitar but it shouldnt happen so soon in my opinion.

Great guitar, great price. Avoid if you like a metal sound a feedback on single coils is a killer.

Andrew Sidorow rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-13.

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