Fender Mustang 69' Reissue Reviews 5

I got this "hard to find" mustang on ebay for 420 (well worth it in my opinion) it was used but it was in excellent condition

I always wanted to own a mustang and im abit of a Kurt Cobain freak, its the one he used on practically the whole in utero tour!. It's in sonic blue with a red pickguard (which looks great) I like the action on the guitar, it has a great neck, it has a great growl even when being played unplugged! which i havent experienced with other guitars its the best guitar i have owned by far and one im not letting go of.

there nothing i dont like about it its ******* great!

The guitar arrived to me in excellent condition you could barely tell it had been used since it was bought in 97!?

Mustangs seem to be rare these days but if you ever get the chance to get one of these get it you wont be dissapointed especially if ur a nirvana freak or even if ur just wanting a great guitar go for a mustang

AKW rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-22.

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