Fender Squier Affrinity Strat Reviews 4

At first i must admit i was a bit of a geek about the fact that I had a squier. Over time, however, the guitar began to suprise me. You really can get SUCH a decent lead tone out of it, while switching the coils can give a high resonance deep sounding rythm tone. All with its original pickups!

I probably wouldnt gig with it. The tuners are not amazing, and there is a bit of a buzz on a couple of the coil selections ( though i think thats my fault). Otherwise i love it, its versatie, playable, light, friendly, and very cheap!.

It's a squier. The hardware throughout is therefore not fantastic quality, but its very solid. It's getting on in years and doing very very well, having seen many incidents and bruises, but consistently it comes through strong.

Shamo rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-03.

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