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I bought this unit for $900 (One week used at Guitar Center). I bought this amp because I was way past the Marshall MG250 level and I needed a sweet amp to match my skill. After much research, I beleived this would be the only amp I really needed.

The first thing anybody says about the cybertwin is, "The knobs turn by themselves!" Yes this is true, but the real reason to love this amp would not be be any of its fancy features, it would be its direct patching capabilities into your recording console. I beleive that the cybertwin is the greatest amp in the entire world for RECORDING. Two stereo left and right XLR outputs (optional mono) exit the back of this amp directly into your recording consoles mic inputs. From there you pan one one of your recorders tracks to the left and one to the right. Then you patch in some PAN DELAY or AMP PAN or TRIANGLE FLANGE and your sweet PRESET that you spent hours tweaking (with all the amazing cybernetic treats the amp delivers) and you may possibly create the best sounding recorded guitar track in history. With this unit you DO NOT do the standard "Mic your amp with the best possible mic." You go direct, and this amp sounds 100X better when its laid down and played on your best stereo. THe P.O.D. (Which I also own) does not even touch the cybertwin in its tone and flexibility with recording.

This amp is not perfect. It can get very close, but it will never re-create a true all-tube amp in tone and overdriven sound. When you record this baby as I directed previously, it sounds better than any recorded tube amp. But playing this thing live...its got lots of treats but no balls. THERE ARE NO TUBES IN THIS AMP. Only one weird pre-amp tube I beleive. Metalheads: your going to have to pull out your overdrive pedal, it only needs a touch more. The clean channel is beautiful. That clean channel is very convincing. The built in comressor complicates things. The 4 presets that are standby (controlled by the footswitch)...well when you switch form one to the other, there is a half second gap of silence that you can really here and sometimes it is obvious and awkward. One channel in this amp. DAMN! WHY DOESN'T FENDER MAKE AN EXTENSION CAB SO THIS BABY TURNS INTO A HALFSTACK! They are retarded. this amp would sound even better live with four speakers. No cab matches the wideness of this goddam amp too. Sucks!

It's good.

The Bottom Line: If your beyond the intermediate level and your entering the world of recording, get one of these babys. In the long run, this should be your recording amp, and a Marshall JCM2000 TSL 100 should at least be your stage amp (or one of those rediculous Frames German amps if your crazy enough). That should be every guitarist's goal. At least in the genres of Metal, Punk, Alternative, etc... not for blues and country (BTW, the greatest blues tone is recorded by simply going direct into your recording console and throwing on light delay and large hall reverb). IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH $$$ TO BUY ONE OF THESE AMPS NEW OR USED, get it. Let me also state that even though it doesn't %100 re-create the insane all-tube tone, it still kicks most amps' asses in every category (especially those disgusting Crates and Ibanezes). This amp is sweet. Get it if your going to do some recording and messing around. The Preset in the classic amp collection called "SUNN MODEL T' 98" almost gets that JCM tone and will satisfy you on stage. Plug in some phaser or delay and you'll be rockin' hard. 120 WATTS is enough. I cranked this amp with all she's got plus a Yngwie Malsmteen Overdrive pedal with my ESP loaded with dimarzio super-distortions, in suburbia, while "battleing" some guy with a Marshall JCM stack and an Ibanez Steve Vai Jem. He cranked that beautiful rig. His tone was rediculous of course, sounded a little like eruption but none of eddie's phaser. I got to say it, though. My cybertwin held up. I was standing 75 feet away (sampson airline wireless system). My tone made me wanna cry. Both tones were hot as hell and roaring while pissing the hell out of the entire neighborhood. This happened to be one of the most richest areas in the united states, Alpine New Jersey. The cybertwin proved itself that night. This baby is essential in the long run, trust me. Go try it out at a guitar center or something. The new Cybertwin SE is the coolest looking amp on earth.

Garufi rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-29.

I am an avid Fender equipment enthusiast. For many years I have used the same amp, a Princeton Chorus, for live performance as well as recording. The amp is still in perfect condition. So why, you may ask, would I consider parting with this love affair? I played a Twin! It was not the first time. The tone seemed to have reached deep into my soul this time. So why not just purchase a Twin? The "Possibly Blue" band I play lead guitar for, was about to embark upon a 100% digital recording, minus the vocals. I sampled the POD and other model devices, but the recording did not sound vintage. I read reviews about the CyberTwin, but was still skeptical. One day I stopped into my local Fender dealer, G&G Music in Waterloo, IA, and proceeded cautiously to the amp area. A new love affair. Sorry Princeton. Not only was this the sound I wanted but the price was right also. I paid $1,050.00. Try to beat this price!

There are so many positive things to say about this amp where to begin. The sounds, apparently, are not modeled. Who cares. It sounds like the real deal. I Got some amps from my friends and put them side by side. I compared a vintage Twin, Hot Rod Deluxe, Princeton Chorus, Tweed, and Bassman to the CyberTwin. Plugged in my Strat, and listened. Unbelievable! I defy you to tell the difference. What about live performance? Beautiful. Just what you would expect from a dual 12. No more mics. The dual XLR outputs gets you right into the mix. Mono or stereo. I can't tell the difference from the direct connect or a 57 out front. The amp is light also. Recording the CyberTwin has many advantages. I have recorded it using conventional methods, as well as using its analog and digital outputs. For our new CD, I have been using the digital output to record directly into a PC recording studio. The sound is very warm. A true tape quality. I rarely use effects, but the CyberTwin is overloaded with beautiful chorus, phasers, flangers, and delays. The effects, as well as your favorite amp or combinations, can be programmed and saved right in the amp. Manually or through a midi device. New sounds libraries are added daily at patchwizard.com. You can mimic almost any artist, or create and trade you own.

I have read many reviews about this amp, and most say that there isn't anything they did not like. Well, not everything is perfect. The only thing I do not like about this amp, is the slight pause when switching between presets. This is somewhat annoying, but one learns to switch offbeat to overcome this shortfall.

So far, very sturdy construction. I have many hours and travels using this amp. It seems to stand up like a Fender product should.

You cannot find a better amp, unless you want to buy the 30 plus "real" built in amps individually. The price is a no brainer even if were doubled. If you have questions regarding this review, contact me at tj@possiblyblue.com. Good Luck

Possibly Blue rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-10.

I bought the cybertwin combo amp from American Musical Supply at americanmusical.com I payed 1189.95 no shipping.

I love this amp it has 32 different amp configurations built into it. Of course the best configs it has are the fender models my favorites are the Twin 65 and the Super Reverb. I think the effects that are intergrated into this amp are pretty dead on. I also like the total customization you can do with this amp. I configured a few of my own amp configs and store them in the memory. Totally great amp I would suggest you go check it out with an open mind and your favorite axe.

I wish this amp had an external speaker out option, and maybe a few more my amp models instead of the totally crazy and wierd custom shop models.

The construction was suprisingly good for an amp made in Mexico. But then again the stuff that comes out of Fenders Enseneda plant are pretty good. The cabinet and construction is meant to last. I really like the celestion speakers.

Overall I think this amp is awesome. I wouldn't go to a gig without some backup preamp tubes though. You never know when your gonna need them. As far as sound quality I liked it that I was able to set each model I liked with my guitar and store them for future use. This amp allows me to just bring my guitar amp and the Fender cyberfloor unit to the gig. I can even get a good acoustic sound out of a patch I got off of patchwizard. Totally great.

Jason Dearing rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-08.

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