Fender DT-112 Cabinet Reviews 5

I bought this at a local music store. It is great! It is very loud and i need that because i am in a band right now

it is loud , light and eas to get around with the casters

the shape. It is too big

very good. I've had it a while

Its just great . Not really musch wrong. And it is cheap(in price)

Paul Fankhauser rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-17.

Bought this amp with my hard earned money at Musicians Friend for about $200.

I really admire this cabs tone. It has a 12" Celestion G12T-100 speaker that I believe handles 100 watts. The highs and mids I found are great. It's part of the Dyna-Touch series and was to be an extension for the DSP combo, but I use it for my old Marshall. A simple good sounding cab like this is a great thing to improve/amplify your sound for this price.

Not much to complain about. I got it a few weeks ago and it is working fine. I doubt this thing will break.

A solid amp.

Overall, this amp is the probably the greatest you can find at this price. The sound and price was what drew me to this and I'm glad I got it.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-20.

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