Fender Deluxe 112 Plus Reviews 4

i bought it at a pawn shop for 150 i needed a amp

great reverb, great new wave like distortion, effects loop, fender two button foot switch,channel reverb. 94 watts.high and low inputs.1 12" fender blue label speaker(4 ohms) very deep clean channel. and all of the inputs and knobs are on the front panel

after playing for a while it gets really hot.

it seems to be tough as a rock, knowing how hot it gets it must has really good solder points throughout the unit and a flashy silver grill.....

i would reccomend it for people who like to practice with other people and people who will be playing at places that mic your amps.i wouldnt reccomend it for people just messing around at home with a four track or playing at places that refuse to mic because it is not quite loud enough to fill up a lrge room

anthoni rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-14.

I bought this at the Rockshop in CHCH new zealand for 650 dollars NZ.

It has a really cool look and a fucking good reverb. The clean tone is also very nice, thick and meaty.

The distortion is pretty shit. I use it as my main distortion but I will buy a distortion pedal in time.

Great! It looks fucken good and hasn't fallen apart yet. The front and rear panels get hot after about 30 minutes use but that is normal.

Pretty nice amp, the distortion is the only downside but it has great clean and reverb. If you have a distortion pedal than you should buy it if you can find one.

Joe Sampson rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-02.

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