Fender H.O.T. Reviews 2

I puchased my Fender H.O.T. 75 watt amp from a shop in oshawa ontario,canada. I paid 300 dollars . because at the time it had a very nice sixties sound to it much like a marshall.

I like the gray carpeting for the out side of the amp. And the nice distoted effect that came with the amp.

I dont like that it diddnt last very long wires started to get loose and the amp sounded rely staticky.

It has a beutiful carpet out line but with a few stains, Th e sound was good but does'nt last long.

The Fender H.O.T. is a great begginers amp and has beutiful clear sound.

Kirk Husak rated this unit 2 on 2004-10-26.

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