Fender Hot Rod Deville 2x12 Reviews 3

simple to use,if you cant figire this amp out then start playin drums...

Local add $450, thats what it should be worth new to the public!

clean channel is A+ its what fender is only known for!

you pay too damm much for the amp and you only used one channel,cause the overdrive channel is muddy and un-usable. The only way to get it sounding good is you gotta crank the master volume and use the pre gain knob as volume! but then everyone in the rehearsal studio or in the 250 seater club has gone deaf and are filling for a law suit!! I gig every weekend and this is my frustration with the amp.... Why do you think there is soooo much fender hot rod deville mods on are all over the internet! because there's way too many unhappy folks out there that got sucked-into buying a name brand and wanna be associated with it!I was one of them. If I was a manufacturer, First I gotta be a guitar player to understand the real need of a giggin guitar players and design it around them. eventualy the amp will sell itself cause it will be the talk of the town sooner or later. Most fender amps from the last 20yrs are design towards teenage kids who have rich parents. I guess corporate has to get the quarterly earnings. if your looking for an amp that does country and funk or jazz very light rock then go for it. if your looking for heavier sound that has two channels that can do the style I mention and more! then get the Peavey classic series its definetly got great clean channel and a overdrive distortion thats great out of the box!!! and a little less coming out of your pocket,made in mississippi U.S.A

hecho in mexico its made okay,one sided pc board and very cheap speakers. its a corporate survival mechanism kickin in,I know cause I work for one!! its an Amerasian sweat shop gotta love it.

overpriced! you pay too damm much to use one channel and spend a whole lot of money on pedals. some people go as far as getiing it modified for another extra $400 where they could've gotten another better amp without spending extra! thank God for other amp manufacturers out there who make better amps than fender. Like I said clean channel is great,but thats what the amp should only have and not trying to add another channel thats useless and charge people an arm and leg for.

brownsound rated this unit 1 on 2010-02-02.

Back in 1999, I purchased this awesome amp from Guitar Center here in Dallas, Texas. I needed a good amp to go to the studio with. I managed to get a Guitar Center credit card and I went shopping!! I don't remember exactly, but I paid approximately $750 for this amp, and it is worth every penny!!!!

I previously had a Marshall 15 watt amp. Don't get me wrong, you have to love Marshall products, but I needed an bigger amp, and at the time I was REALLY getting back into the blues. This amp just totally kills me every time I turn it on. I have been looking for "MY" tone for a long time and I have to say that as far as my blues side - THIS IS IT!!!!! This amp has such a sweet clean tone, it also has that texas grinding distortion that I can play almost any type music with. I can get a full spectrum of tones with just my strat and this amp!!!

I wish it were a little easier to run an Amp Head to this amp to make an A/B switch between say a Marshall head and the Deville. Maybe I'm a simpleton, but this would make for a great feature on this particular amp. Otherwise this amp ROCKS!!!!!

This amp is like all Fender products - solid as a rock. I have dragged this amp to and from practice and gigs for over two years and the only 2 problems I've had is: 1) Burned out tubes 2) Power light for "ON" burned out - but amp still works great..

If you play blues, country, jazz, classic rock and the like - you will fall in love with this amp. If you play heavier music, which I do - you will have to get another amp or a pedal to go with it. All in all, this is the ultimate blues amp!

Mark rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-03.

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