Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 Reviews 5

I acquired this amp because I had a 60 watt single speaker solid state amp and wanted an upgrade after 6 years of playing....I paid $535 for this unit, and it was one year old.

This amp has plenty of power for whatever you need....I usually jam with drums and a bass with the volume at most on 2....I also like the fact that this unit has a footswitch....it has 2 modes of distortion which is nice, so you can really get some feedback if needbe on high volumes. This amp improved the sound of my mexican strat by miles, and sound was only bettered by my new les paul....enough controls to tweak any sound you want basically....Great clean channel with more than enough highs and lows. Oh yeah....reverb is amazing....cuts out the "pipeline" amazingly.

sometimes the switch from clean to distortion is abrupt and noisy, but this is only at lower levels. At times there could be more distortion or at least sound harder, but a pedal does the job for this problem. Can buzz a bit when volume creeps up.

solidly built havn't had any problems with it....I don't move it around too much cause of the weight(about 50lbs) but so far seems good and solid. Joints are tight. some buzz at high volumes though, but I can't tell if it is always the amp or where it is in my house.

By far the best amp I have ever owned....compared to my friend's 1969 bassman it is on par, except that the deville has 2 channels. very loud and a pleasure to use, buy this amp you won't be disappointed

andy hansen rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-24.

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