Fender Hotrod Deville (2x12) Reviews 4

Its got that absolutely gorgeous Fender tone. It looks magic - straight from the 50s. Chrome controls situated at the back. Foot pedal selects clean>drive>more drive. Very loud! You will have no problems with this at gigs at all. It makes anything sound good - try a harmonica through it!

The overdrive is not too hot but that is not why you buy a Fender is it? Stick some pedals in front of it and you can get virtually any sound out of it along with the signature Fender ring.

Built pretty well but I am cautious about the rubber handle. I have already had one break on me. Not the best - especially if stairs are involved (Ouch!)

A good quality valve amp which will give you that Fnder valve tone without breaking the bank (too much)

Russ rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-01.

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