Fender Mini Tone Master Amp Reviews 5

Bought it from Music123.com for $28! I bought it because I needed a small amp that I could use at night or carry with me when I go places and have something to plug my guitar into.

It is almost an exact replica of the big Fender Tone Master, I played the real version at my guitar store by me when I was looking for a stack. This mini amp blew me away! I was expecting terrible tone, terrible clean sound, terrible distortion, and really low volume, but it is totally oppsite! This little amp can get pretty loud for a little amp with two 2 inch speakers in it! Its clean sound is just what you would expect from a Fender amp, the best clean channel possible, and the distortion isn't bad at all, you can go from light to heavey with this thing! A lot better than the other Fender mini amps! Definitly get it if you are reading this, you won't make the wrong choice!

The only bad thing is that the cable you plug in from your guitar is heavier than the whole amp, so sometimes it'll nock the amp over if you pull on the cable, so make sure you don't have a short cable!

This thing lasted through me, so it is pretty strong! I dropped this thing at least 5 or 6 times, it never ruined the soundat all. The last time I dropped it, I was outside carrying the amp inside, I dropped the amp somehow, and it just fell on the sement. I picked it up, I heard the speakers were loose, no problem at all! I opened it up, put the speakers in place and tightened up the little metal clip that holds them in place, somehow it still works like it was never dropped!?! Really good quality sound and construction, looks just like the real one!

Awesome amp, if you are reading this, just stop and get it, the other Fender amps aren't that good, nothing compared to this, and I heard the Marshall mini amps have a terrible clean channel, with an ok distortion. The mini Tone Master has an awesome clean and distortion sound!

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-02.

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