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I aquired the Fender Mini-Twin Amplifier from a music store in Enid Oklahoma after aganizing for a few months about buying my first guitar amp. I bought this particular amp because at the time I knew little about amps and the different functions of each model. I thought if it had the Fender logo it would be a quality amp. I paid $49.99 plus tax for the Mini-Twin and thought I was getting a great deal for this little practice amp.

The unique thing that I like about this unit is that you can go anywhere with it because it is approximately the size of a postcard. It has the power of five watts which is enough to hear yourself unless you're at Times Square at New Year's.

As stated below, the construction stinketh and the tone is horrible. One really bad part about having an amp that weighs virtually nothing is that if you walk with your guitar to far it will just fall over and you will be dragging as you are playing.

I was displeased with the construction of the unit in that every time I hit a certain note the device buzzes. The quality looks good cosmetically because the amp looks like a miniature normal Fender amp. The quality of sound however is horrible.

The bottom line is that if you don't care about tone quality and just want a practice amp that has barely enough watts to be heard then go ahead and buy one. I personally won't buy another one unless I am forced at gun-point.

anaughtymouse rated this unit 1 on 2001-08-02.

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