Fender Practice Amplifier Reviews 5

It was christmas and my amp was blown so i went to C and M music shop. And got that for christmas. And it has been the perfect practice amp. And since im in the process of putting a band together right now it is perfect for what is used for. Just practice. I bought it for like 130 dollars also.

It is loud. And you can put a foot switch on it. It sounds really good. It has a little thing in the back were you can store like cables and pedals and stuff like that.

Well there is nothing i dont like about this amp I love it.

The quality is good. We are talking about fender here. The construction of it is perfect for practice.

I love this amp it is really good. And its loud. All at a price you can afford.

danny rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-25.

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