Fender Roc Pro 1000 Amplifier Head Reviews 5

Iacquired this unit (fender roc pro 1000 head) at a pawnshop in west palm for 150$ and let me tell you..a 150$ WELL spent!

The amazing power from this head is comparable to higer-end more pricy models. My father owns a crate blue voodoo half stack and he was envious when he heard me crank it up for the first time. For anyone looking foe some more power (especially for a gig) than a quarterstack for about the same price....go with this rig, believe me yo won't be unhappy!

I wish i could of found out about it earlier!

VERY strong. metal grill in front of the head protecting the insides and on the matching Fender GE412 4 speaker enclosure to protect the speakers.

The best power,value,and quality you would expect from Fender .. i would recommend it to any guitarist.

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-01.

I bought it on EBAY.I needed a head to my crate cab.This is my first "stack".Paid 250.$

Killer sound,tube distortion kick's ass.Clean sound is all sweet fender tone.So loud if you died hearing it you be the only person in heaven with a hearing aid.

One thing I don't like is the change of sound from solid state to tube.Makes it hard to control an even sound.

Built to last.I think it's best said like this"you take care of your stuff,your stuff will take care of you".

I stick with fender.They may make alot of wimpy stuff,but every now and then they come through to the heavy side.I own a fender lead 1,mex tele.

Big John mcc rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-21.

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