Fender Tom DeLonge's Electric Guitar Reviews 5

I was new to the electric guitar "world". I decided to play electric guitar because a lot of the songs i love are played on the electric guitar,and sounds like crap on the acoustic guitar that I have. So i was like- damn,i want a low priced electric guitar. Then i saw an article on ultimate-guitar.com that talked about buying guitars- i e-mailed the dude who wrote the article and explained my situation. He e-mailed me back and suggested a fender stratocaster with a hollow body for me( i told him i wanted something like tom DeLonge of blink182's guitar,since i've always admired that guitar)He said it was low-priced.Low priced meaning a couple hundred bucks(hey,i'm a teenage girl who's not even eligible to get a part-time job yet)So i saved up my money,and was damn scared as i purchased the guitar(i trusted the man who showed me the guitar he said was "perfect for me,the one i was looking for)since i didn't want to be wasting the good money i saved up to find out that it was horrible and because i was also looking to buy a new skateboard. Fortunately, it was not horrible, in fact, it was the best purchase i've ever made.

I like this guitar because i bought this guitar withought really knowing what i was getting myself into( i play acoustic guitar).All i had was advice from some guy with an article on guitars who i don't even know and a desire to play electric guitar. When i played it, it was like...whoa... the clear sound just blew me away. The sound was fantastic.I loved it.Of course though, my parents and brother hated it cause they claimed that it was "too loud"(which it wasn't)and that i was torturing the neighbors(again,i wasn't)Anyway, this guitar is amazing,and i love it.

There is nothing that i dislike about this guitar, absolutely nothing.

the guitar has very good quality,the sound and clarity is great. No one can disagree with the fact that this guitar is beautiful, well, except the man who rents our basement.(the man is an ass)

you won't be disappointed if you buy this guitar. Just...wonderful(usually i regret buying the stuff i buy, like the crapppy JVC stereo i bought..damn,should've bought the Sony one, but this purchase, i don't regret)

starbomb13 rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-29.

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