Fender Texas Special Strat Pickups Reviews 5

Musicians Friend is the Place of Purchase.I Paid Around $129.99

I Really Enjoy these Pickups that I Placed in My Fender Strat Affinty. The Pickups that where in the Strat, Had a Lot of Buzzing and did not have the Power that a Strat Should Have. The Mid and High Range is Great.The Installation was Easy to Install They Came with a Wiring Diagram. I feel it was Worth the Investment.

I Have no Dislikes about this Product.

The Pickups are Well Constructed and the Quality of the Product is Great. I would recommend this Product to Friends and Everyone Else Searching for a Set of Pickups to Replace theres With.

The Bottom Line about this Product is that if You Cannot Afford a Exspensive Electric Guitar and Looking for a Item to Make Your Guitar Better Sounding and Worth the Time and Money to Get out of Your Guitar. I Rccommend the Fender Texas Special Strat Pickups.

sixstringstan rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-21.

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