Fender LTB Reviews 4

I bought this PA for about 550 dollars at a local music store. It was marked down a bit because it was used for about a month or two but was basicly still in mint condition.

I like the price of a 4 channel PA system because you can't beat that. It's 120 watts of power and has 40 foot speaker cables which is great for a spread out room. There is some nice reverb effects on the PA also and its good that each channel has its own seperate reverb knobs or you give every channel reverb.

I don't like how this PA isn't loud enough to play a gig with. You can do it but you're at the risk of blowing the speakers and having not so good sound. I didn't get an instruction manuel or warentee with this PA either but I think thats the stores fault.

The speakers are tough and I have dropped them before and nothing is damaged. Same goes for the head unit.

For a band looking to find a PA to jam with or play small gigs at a house party or small gym this is perfect for you. You can't beat the price and quality of this system.

Andrew Edwards rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-30.

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