Fender LX1504 Reviews 2

Whoo boy, been playin' a long time!!! So, yeah...

Bought it used from a pawn shop for $80.00 plus tax 11/04. So, $86 and change. 4 channel head.

Hmm...does not really serve my purposes. A basic 4 channel head, 100 watts, no real EQ, no FX, just somethin' to plug your XLR Mic into..fair enough, really. But most Speakers are rated at at LEAST 100 wts, so...plugging a pair at that is under watting them, and that's no good. I have some Radio Shacks, a pair of 15" w/ horns that are rated at 100/200 max. So, this lil' 100 wt head won't get the job done. I have, in the past, used one speaker with it. Did "OK". Know what I mean?

Lack of Power. Plain and simple. Doesn't sound all that great, but for practice purposes, sure, it'll do fine. IF one has some older, lower wattage spkrs, sure, use this for that purpose. I mean, one can external a power amp to use alongside, but then again, if it's only 4 channels, what's the point?

Solid. Decent. Useable.

Not enough power for my purpose. Others may find this to their liking; more power to 'em. Not enough to gig, obviously, and even practicing with it may poise a problem, unless one is an acoustic act, which, then, is probably acceptable. Figure it out for yerself. Peace out....

Jiver rated this unit 2 on 2007-02-27.

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