Fender PA-150 (Passport 150) Reviews 5

I paid $400 for it, and I think it goes for somewhere around $750 if you were to buy it new. I bought this used off a friend in another local band. I bought the PA because our little 15w bass amp doesn't even come close to being loud enough for a band practice.

For being 150w, this thing is LOUD. It's advertised as being used for acoustic guitar with vocals, but we use it at about 1/3 volume with a full rock band. Considering the speaker size (about 6") the system has very good bass and it doesn't distort unless it is completely cranked.

I'm not a big fan of the fact that I nearly break my fingers everytime I have to open the thing to set it up. It might just be mine (it IS used), but it's not very easy to open. I wish it came with better speakers, but then it would cost more money, so I guess it's a trade off. Besides that I'm very happy with it.

The entire thing is covered in really solid plastic and the speakers (when opened) have a metal grill over them. I have never dropped it or anything, but I'm sure it would hold up pretty good just based on how solid it feels.

The Fender Passport 150 PA system is amazing for the money. If you don't mind an extra 20lbs or so, and an extra $250 you should probably get the 250w version because it has a total of 8 speakers. The 150w is perfect for band practice and small basement shows though.

Cam rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-09.

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