Fender Blues Deville 4x10 Reviews 5

I bought these amps at a local music store six years ago.

I was going to get just one amp, but after demo, I realized that this amp would become a CLASSIC! I went ahead and purchased two identical models. After the demo, I realized that the 4x10 speaker model had a better tone, so I decided on that model. This amp is VERY solidly built, has a vintage tweed covering, has a killer gain channel, and it has the sweetest clean, bluesy sounding channel that I have ever heard! This amp is also VERY LOUD, when you need it! Definetly a collectors amp!

The control knobs are located on the top of this amp, therefore you cannot stack the amps on top of each other. When space is limited on a stage, it can be tight for you.

Construction: Excellent! Ouality: Excellent!

As long as I am able to play guitar, I will never sell these amps, for ever and ever- A-men!

Russell Davis rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-08.

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