First Act Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar package at Walmart for just $119.

There was a strap button on the top end of the body, just like in Taylor guitars! The gig bag is lushly padded, with pockets and back straps. The package also includes an extra set of strings, picks, tuss rod, shoulder strap, and instruction booklet (which I didn't need).

The package didn't include a pitchpipe or electronic tuner, nor a capo.

The guitar itself demonstrated excellent playability and tone quality. The top is lamited spruce, with mahogany back, sides, and bridge, rosewood fingerboard, and die-cast tuning gears. This is my 4th acoustic guitar and my best yet!

The First Act Deluxe Acoustic Guitar is a professional quality instrument at an amazing bargain. The accessories that come with the package make it a truly fantastic value.

Red Correces rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-03.

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