Fulltone Deja' Vibe Reviews 1

Bought at "Makin' Music" in Chicago, IL. Paid $279 + shipping (about $300.00).

It has a on/off switch ("True by-pass"). If you play the right guitar riffs using this pedal, you'll sound a lot like Robin Trower.

Casing is not as solid and tight as other pedals I've used. Chorus effect faded out during a gig. Was under warranty, Customer service replied to emails and we got the ball rolling after several threads of email. I tried to follow-up weeks later, they could not recall my name and they got ugly with me.

Average Quality with a high price.

This FullTone pedal was inspiring the day I got it, but eventually lost its lush chorus sound. It did finally came back from Fulltone with a modified power cord, after they threatened not to return it. Customer service which was headed up by the not so nice owner.

-John B. rated this unit 1 on 2002-11-21.

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