G and L Skyhawk 1989 Reviews 5

Just bought a 1989 skyhawk as an investment, until I played it, now it is my favorite guitar. I got mine for $1099.00 (near mint condition, even the tolex case). Kinda high but I traded a bluesboy and got $860.00 trade-in, (more for it than I paid). Got it a buffalo brothers vintage guitars, carlsbad ca. They got it from a collector.

I have had many Fender's (57, 63, 70 strats), and G&L's (bluesboy, asat special and legacy). This one is the best. The feel, the balance, the sound, the craftsmanship. It beats all the rest. This now my only electric, its that dependable. If you can find one, get it, you won't be sorry. The headstock matches the body color. The finish is a translucent yellow / blonde that shows the wood grain through.

its a little thing but when you have just the bridge pickup on you get that strat (single coil) hum. three of the five pickup selections are completely quiet while two have the hum

neck and body fit is tight. the hardware is rock solid, no corrosion even after 15 years. the neck is staight as an arrow and plays in perfect tune all the way up. The body (ash) rings with tone, even without an amp. The pickups are very tone sensitive and the switch positions make alot of difference.

best I ever had. bar none.

89skyhawk rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-11.

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