Galveston 4 String Jazz Model Reviews 5

I started playing Bass in Feb. '02, so I finally saved up for a bass of my own. Didn't have much to spend, so a bass is a bass is a bass to me. it could of had 3 strings half of a P pickup and I would of been happy. So I did the new-age American thing to do and bought a 4 string P pickup Jazz bass (included strap and stand) off of E-BAY for $230 and $40 for shipping.

Some no-name called Galveston. The deep ruby red finish looks 1st class. Let me go on record and say that "if Galveston keeps making Bass guitars this good, I honestly believe they could be the next big thing in the Bass world." A little quote from my Bass teacher. FYI watch out for this brand.

I'm not sure what to say what's wrong. I guess they could put nicer strings on her.

Looks soild. I've taken her to 5 music shops around me, some big buisness, some local hole in the wall music shops. Haven't heard any pro.'s give me bad reviews.

Galveston, perfect for beginners, and maybe as this young company takes off, they be the next big maker in the music world. Watch out for them.

Brandondork rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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