Galveston 6-String Single Humbucker Reviews 5

Found it at a local music store in Connecticut for $300.

The tone controls (treble, mid and bass) are very versatile. For just one pickup, you can dial into amazingly diverse sounds. It can sound really flat and smooth, or you can punch it up to really funky treble. It's very light and easy to play. The low B is clear and responsive. The quilted yellow finish is first-class. The machine heads are great, and the tuning is very stable. I have to tune this bass usually once a month, it's so stable. The fretboard is very smooth and feels good to play. The price is right.

The string spacing seems to be pretty typical of 6-string basses, but is a little narrow for my taste. I'm used to a Fender Precision, so there you go. When changing strings, a piece of the bridge fell out, and I had to put it back in. Just make sure you don't lose those little bits of bridge. An extra pickup would have been nice, but may not be necessary.

The neck is very thin, so there may be a neck problem in the future. Hasn't given me any trouble yet, though. Solid electronics, very solid bridge. Very nice stuff.

This bass was a great deal. For just $300 I got a wonderfully versatile 6er. Good for beginners and experienced players. If you're a pro and play music for money, though, go for a custom Fodera or something. Overall, great quality for minimal price.

Ian U rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-23.

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