Galveston P-Bass Jazz Reviews 4

i found this paticular guitar in a local pawn shop for $125.

i have been playing for five or six years now, and i have a quite large collection. i am always looking out for of the wall, no name equipment. (even though i do use a complete ampeg set up). when i found this guitar, the first thing i notice. was the weight. it is incredibly light. also the finish is amazing. so i asked the guy for it and he told me it was $125. i took it figuring you cant go wrong for $125. as soon as i hooked it up i knew it was a real piece of art. it plays wonderfully. i like it more than the five string tradition i payed five times more for. the slap action is as good as any fender and its just fun to play.

i dont like the use of the single pickup. also the neck is quite short for my taste. 20 frets just isn't enough.

the quitar is built incredibly well. the light weight construction makes it easy for beginners or weekend worriors to battle out and not be fatigued at the weight of more solid american basses.

i would reccomend this guitar to any beginner or veteran. it is very easy to play, requires little fingering skill of the fretboard and has an amazing tone.

joel watts rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-22.

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